19 tanker om “Skoven | The wood”

  1. Carsten this is a beautiful image. I often walk in a landscape like this, but am never able to capture the dream as you have.

  2. …there you go, Carsten <3 love the mood in this picture !
    Just like a dream or in a fairytale.
    But simply to go there, is the best – as you mentioned earlier.
    I think I know this wood…
    Greetings from Michael
    See you soon!

  3. the tree on the left makes it appear that the viewer is entering the wood very discreetly, respecting the privacy of the dream

  4. Thanks Gerry, Dana and Michael.
    I like this place very much. And I have the opportunity to experience it in all the different modes. -It is less than 100 steps from my home.
    I like the phrase “dream”.

  5. Looks like a scene from a scary movie when someone is walking through the woods and it seems calm because it is right before the eye of the storm.

    1. Thanks Amber.
      I’m glad I shot a lot of images out there.
      They started to cut the trees the other day. I’m not happy with that!

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