13 tanker om “Flower of the day”

  1. In my opinion the background would be nothing without the foreground 🙂
    I got a new lens, and I really like its bokeh. It is soft in the way I like it.

  2. I like the gradations of pink, and the way that we can see layers of petals, as if each were a gauzy curtain in the sunlight.

    1. What I like, is all the friendly comments on our blogs.
      Remember to click on the photos. There might be a larger one behind.
      Perhaps this advice is not exactly what you can benefit from Gerry. I’m thinking about your limited internet bandwidth.

  3. Thanks Michaela.
    I have just spent an hour in Yellowstone National Park with my wife. -And an unknown number of other danes. The danish public service channel #1 transmitted part 1 of 3 of beautiful film / tv recordings. I will try to see the following parts too. It might be one of the destinations for summer vacations next year.

    1. I hope the vacation plans work out! My parents came to visit from Germany in 1988 and invited me to go on a trip out west with them (I lived in Indiana at the time). They had planned to go to Yellowstone Park, but unfortunately that was the year that they had many wildfires and the park was closed. We did make it to Grand Teton, but the smoke from the Yellowstone Park fires didn’t make it very enjoyable. We didn’t even see any of the mountains because of all the smoke.

  4. This is beautiful, I like the light soft pink tulip and dark color contrast in the background. And congrats on the new lens, it’s real nice. 🙂

  5. What lens did you get? I like how this fades softly into the background yet retains an almost 3d effect on the subject.

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