11 tanker om “Morning fog”

  1. A lovely picture with an atmosphere of adventure – and promises of light and spring – and flowering anemones. I like it very much.

  2. Thanks for all the positive comments you have sent me.
    I was (almost) on my way to job this Wednesday morning when I saw the sun shining slightly through the fog. I HAD to go into the wood to see if I could catch some of the mood with my camera.
    When I read your comments I can see that I succeded.

  3. This is wonderful! I love fog, I always take a walk whenever I can to get a sense of the sort of “mystery” feeling it gives the surroundings.

    You know this would go very well on the wall in my living room. I would LOVE to look at it day after day after day.. It’s so amazing!

    1. I understand now that it’s been too long since I’ve been to Denmark. I should take my camera with me and go to take photos. I’m sure you know a lot of beautiful places?? I LOVE the danish woods!

      1. Thanks Camilla. It is nice to walk in the fog – when there is light. I like the way objects seems to appear out of nowhere when you come near them. There are many beautiful places in Denmark. I’d be glad to give you advice when you come here.
        When did you visit Denmark?

        1. I’ve visited Denmark a lot. Most norwegian does, I think 🙂 But it’s been some years now. I haven’t been there for about eight years!

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