11 tanker om “Looking forward”

    1. Thanks Scott 🙂
      This slightly curved belly holds my grandchild. We are looking forward to see what kind it is…

        1. Thanks for your kind correction Scott.
          You are right. I can hardly wait. ..Will have to make the gear ready soon!

  1. …in one way – it is the most promising picture you have taken, Carsten ! Great PHOTO, you comming grandfather
    All greetings 2 U & Lise

  2. Oh joy! Congratulations and best wishes to the mom-to-be for an easy birth and a bouncing, healthy baby, whatever kind it is!

  3. Thanks Gerry. I’ll forward your wishes.
    He or she will be very welcome. We hope for many opportunities to take care of him/her.
    -The Grand Mom has plenty of grandchildren 🙂

  4. Very, very nice 🙂 Life is going on, isn’t it Carsten ? Congratulations for this lovely picture and of course to the future maman, papa, grand-papa et grand-maman 😉

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