8 tanker om “Reprise”

  1. Harvesting wood is not a pretty process, but it is sometimes necessary. What’s going to happen here? Thinning? Clear-cutting? Selective harvesting?

  2. Yes they do Camilla! They are just harvesting what our ancestors prepared 100 years ago.
    Gerry, thanks for broadening out my horizon. It must be a combination of thinning and selective harvesting. The trees are from 1906 as far as I remember. The wood must have been thinned many years ago, but now the trees need more light if they are going to grow thicker. (I think) The large trees at the edge of the wood are left untouched.

  3. Go Carsten go
    Skoven er fantastisk for tiden! – det skulle være muligt at fange grønne blade og hvide anemoner…. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jules.
      I think it is about time to look for an other theme. Frequently the comments are written for the neighbour post. -As I presume your comment is for the ‘Morning fog” post.

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