Alive and Alert

Tre haner i en hønsegård er to for meget. Dette er en af de to.

Three roosters in a chicken yard are too many. This is one of the two.

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  1. There is no English translation of your words that appear in Danish above this photo. I can’t help but wonder, is the rooster in danger of not being alive in the near future? :-O

    1. Thanks Karen. I’ve translated the text into English now. Yes, he is (was) in imminent danger of loosing his head.
      In fact I made a short series describing the transition from rooster to cooking ready poultry.

    1. He wasn’t!
      The story is that at our friend (Michael!) there is a chicken yard. Late last year they let some of the hens lay on eggs – and had chickens. It turned out that there was two rooster chickens. Instead of letting them fight the old rooster – the two chickens were slaughtered.
      His look is influenced by the fact that he is held just before he was hit and ended his short life.

  2. Yes, Carsten – a sad story it is… But what else to do? ?

    Your photo shows that animals – in this case a rooster, is so much aware of what’s going on in life.
    In a way he looks a kind of sad, as if he knows what is going to happen.
    2 seconds later he was without his head ! ! !

    see you

    1. Sorry Gerry. I realize that the unpleasant facts of our handling of other creatures can be unbearable. -So I keep the other photos for the time being.

      1. I appreciate that, Carsten. My grandmother kept chickens. They were very tasty chickens, too, but I never got used to the bloody doings at the chopping block.

        1. I’m aware that some of my visitors are very sensitive beings. I’ll do my best not to offend anyone.

          But! I think that everybody should know where our food comes from. Just buying the meat in a plastic package from the super market – without realizing that someone had to do the dirty work. That’s not right in my opinion. I think that knowledge of the origin of our food is paying a little respect to the creatures that delivers our proteins.

          1. Oh, I’m not offended. And I think you’re right. A fair proportion of my protein comes from critters I’ve met up close and personal. I can whack a fish without a qualm, but I can’t imagine chopping off a chicken’s head. I have to ask myself why? What’s the difference?

          2. I’d be sorry if I offended you. You seem fairly robust so I didn’t expect that.
            I had other sensitive minds in mind.

            I wouldn’t like to kill anything larger than flys and mosqitos. – Iberian snails perhaps! What I meant was that people should realize the cost of their behaviour. -Understand my meaning.
            I eat almost everything except the small creatures I kill 🙂

  3. Alive (past), Alert (past) and Curious, wondering what’s happening if I may add (still present, on your picture) ! You are right Carsten, we should know where our food comes from and accept that someone has to do the dirty work. Even if I would not like to look at it…

    1. Thanks Isabelle.
      I’m not sure I like to watch animals being killed. But I was too busy taking pictures, so I didn’t see it in that way.

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