3 tanker om “StÃ¥lorm | Anguis fragilis”

  1. Well, that was interesting. At first I was going to leave a snarky comment about how we call these “snakes,” but I went off and learned something instead. Aha. A slowworm is a snaky sort of lizard that can be distinguished from a snake by careful examination of whether it has eyelids. OK, from now on I will just say, “Oh, there’s a snake–or a slowworm, depending.” In either case, I will likely head in the opposite direction without further examination, but it’s good to know that the world is wider and more wondrous than one might suspect.

    1. There is an interesting characteristic connected to these slowworms. They can drop their tail when threatened. The tail will make strong movements while the slowworm quietly tries to escape.
      I didn’t remember that snakes miss eyelids. It would be useful with holes in their slough!

  2. Hej Carsten. Tak for sidst, det var hyggeligt.
    Hvis jeg skal sende dig nogle billeder, hvilken adresse skal jeg bruge. mvh Jan

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