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  1. These are just beautiful. I hadn’t seen the stones incorporated in the weavings before. Now I’m even more motivated to learn this. Willow and Petoskey stones.

  2. That could be arranged, you know. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I have an impressive collection of Petoskey stones, and we would be pleased to send you one for your next willow work. In fact, we might be moved to send you more than one.

  3. Those are really lovely. I like the way you incorporated stones into the willows. I recently saw an artist here in AZ that did something similar with wire.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your comments.
    After the weaving is done you have to water the willows. Plenty of water. There is limited energy in the branches so they have to grow roots for water supply and after a short time the leaf buds will start to grow. When they have grown good roots and the leaves are starting to unfold, I start removing the buds and leaves from the ‘stem of the tree’. Then the leavea are only in the top.
    The two ‘trees?’ in the middle of the picture were made last year, and they have started to grow now after an unusually cold and long winter.

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