4 tanker om “4th.”

  1. Carsten, what are you doing in New York? Scott, I think you should trot down there and investigate. I know–there will be a photography exhibit at MOMA and some of Carsten’s photos have been selected. Wait, wait–there’s an extended family reunion!

    I could spin reasons all day. Whatever you’re doing there, you’ve absolutely captured the truck driver. I know that guy.

  2. You are VERY close Gerry. Actually you’re right. My wife and I invited our children and their girl-/boyfriends to NYC where we met my cousin and his wife.
    I called him on the phone twice: $52 + $21 = $73 !!! He lives on the other side of the Hudson river. In NJ 🙁 , so it’s long distance.
    N E V E R use the hotel telephone.

    When you see the truck driver, say thanks for posing for me.

    1. I thought I told enough about our NY vacation. I asked for advice on where to go.
      No. We were too tired to go for a Broadway show.

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