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  1. Wonderful sunset on your first photo. I like the reflection in the water and the evening blue cast on the boats. The lines provided by the canal lined with boats at mooring and the string of flags adds dimension to the photo. Well done.

  2. Thanks to you Nye & Karen.
    These are all HDR-images. The large dynamic range is compressed into a smaller range that can be presented on the monitor. This distorts the colors to some level, but it is fairly close to ‘the real thing’.

  3. I love the misty far hills in the sunset, especially as they contrast so well with the mirrored surface of the canal–the bright glass facade that seems to march ahead of the streaming cloudbank–and best of all, the splashes of sunlight under the coming storm. Wonderful work, Carsten.

    1. Thanks Gerry, I’m always happy to receive praise. Scott has used this technique on several images so it had to be tried out.
      …Well, the weather did help a lot 🙂

  4. HDR shots – niiiiiiice! 🙂

    The first is very subtle-y HDR and just beautiful.

    The second and third are what gave it away to me and I think are so well done. Just enough to bring out all the details but not too much so that they appear fake. Bravo!

  5. Thanks Tracy. I’m glad you like them.

    This is where I was when I shot them:
    Wiew over River Thames at sunset:
    51°25’51.56″N 0°19’30.64″V
    The reception at NPL, Teddington:
    51°25’36.04″N 0°20’36.47″V
    Clouds gathering. From inside NPLs administration offices.
    51°25’33.63″N 0°20’34.83″V

  6. I like the first picture very much – these colours – WOW! I did not know HDR – your post here made me read a little about it – fascinating!…., but maybe not for beginners like me;-)

  7. HDR processing is done in software. The input is normally 3 images shot with different exposure. But this can vary. I used 3 images covering +- 2 stops. A tripod is recommended, but these are shot handheld.
    I used Photomatix for the processing. I think you can download a trial version. After a couple of hours you’ll be as experiensed as I 🙂

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