Click on the link and listen to the original sound from Central Park.
It is one of my first recordings of this type. Maybe it should be converted to mp3….
Sax in central park
There is no reason for the large ‘waw’ file. Try the ‘mp3’ instead. The size – and download time, is reduced by a factor 10.

This is reduced by a factor 17:
Sax-in-central-park 80kbps

9 tanker om “6th.”

    1. You should have heard him playing Tracy. I couldn’t rush by when his tones caught my ears. I wish I could attach the sound to the post as a background. Does any of you know if there are ways to do that?

  1. Truels and Scott you are very kind.
    FYI it is from Central Park. I have a sound recorder – it is typically out of reach when needed 🙂 But this time it was ready so I captured a little of his music. Maybe it’s no good. NYC is SO NOISY!

  2. Carsten–cool! It took me a looooooooong time to download the sound clip on sloooow dialup, but it was worth it. The man is good. And I loved the little girl at the end – “Where’s your water fountain?” Even the traffic sounds add to that Central Park feel.

    (Please, what model recorder do you use? I think the sound quality is excellent.)

    1. Thanks Gerry,
      Sorry for the large filesize. I think the mp3 format is better for the blog. Look at todays post for info about the recorder.

  3. There’s not much more beautiful than the sites and sounds of Central Park. Thanks for taking me there… I’m pretty far away! : )

    1. I could think of something that comes close – at least!
      Thanks for taking me to the Steve Winwood concert. ..I’m on the other side of the Atlantic!

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