10 tanker om “Waterfalls”

  1. The third image is a very dramatic waterfalls, this I’ve not seen before. I had attempted to do a mosaic but didn’t know how to either. Giiid and Scott made it seems so easy.

    1. They are more or less the same Nye, but the wind helped giving this image a twist.
      Maybe the mosaics are better laid out in PhotoShop. But then you can not click for a larger image.

  2. Oh, Carsten, I would have been SO happy to see these NYC Waterfalls! I think Olafur Eliasson is one of the greatest artist these days.

    1. I agree with you Truels. Did you see his installation at “Arken”, where light was reflected on the water surface and people entering was making wawes?

  3. If you set up tables in html, you can make a mosaic with any number of columns and rows you like (in my theme 3×3 is about the largest that looks acceptable). When you’re done, the images remain individual, and can be clicked to display a larger version. I learned this technique from a WordPress Forum post that I can’t find now, but I did find a really, really thorough one by Timethief:


    It’s a very stable approach that works across browsers–unless you change themes, in which case any tables you’ve made in old posts may or may not work well.

    1. This site looks interesting. And it might take a lot of time I don’t have.
      Anyway, I must use it soon – before I forget what I wanted to do 🙂
      About switching themes 🙁

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