10 tanker om “The first of a kind..”

  1. Thanks Michaela.
    Yes, it’s ice on the airplane window. With -65F / -54C outside all the humidity freezes to these small starfish-like crystals. The size is almost 1:1 on my 17″ monitor.

  2. Sorry Gerry. In fact I had a few more new shots with lots of white stuff floating on water. Now I’m not sure you’re the right one to ask what it could be.
    Ice in June. That is resonable Scott. After this winter / spring.
    Our first thought often comes close to the truth.
    Thanks for your comments.
    I’ll be back blogging in short time.

  3. Great picture – I admire your sense of seeing details in flowers (More macro) or “just” a glimpse of a window in a plane. Very inspiring, Carsten:-)

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