6 tanker om “Summer”

  1. It’s a beautiful composition. I like my food to be pretty as well as tasty. So I’m curious–is that the full supper or would there be a little sausage laid in that empty spot? I am fond of sausage . . .

    1. The plan was to add a sausage to the vegetables. But the sausage avoided being eaten for this time. -As the little mouse the other day.

  2. What a nice and tasty Summer meal ! With or without sausage 😉 when it is as hot as now, I could eat only veges and we are lucky there are so many, so tasty ! The plate is nice as well.

    1. The weather is changing here. Temperature decreases to 20C – hopefully not less 🙂
      I take many pictures of food. It is a good motive when you’re hungry.
      Maybe I can show more of the plates another time.

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