6 tanker om “Just for fun”

  1. Oh my, you have discovered a most wonderful new toy! It took me several tries to see this, of course. The first time I was presented with a black rectangle that simply sat there. Also the second time, and the third time . . . This morning I just let it sit there in a browser tab while I went about my business, writing a post, visiting Northport and Nyborden and Wamego . . . and when I came back people were bouncing on water! OK, not quite, but that’s what it looked like. Fun!

    1. Sorry Gerry. I was about to write a warning for you and your slow connection.
      But now you have used all that time loading the images you might want to know about the persons. It is my sons back. And my daughters boyfriend facing us. The two girls bouncing with them are our new ‘bonus-granddaughters’, The girl sitting and watching was a sweet girl visiting the playground.

  2. This is fun to look at and to be part of it too ! I always forgot to tell you that your header is fantastic. I like very much those three different layers and the angle you chose.

    1. Thanks Isabelle. I’m glad you like it. Your comment made me look at again – you get a little blind for things that are in the same place all the time.
      Somewhere I wrote about the header, but I can’t find it now. It was cropped from an image shot at one of the canals in Venice.

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