6 tanker om “Portrait”

  1. Oh, this is lovely, Carsten! What a happy moment captured.

    I like the light fall off as it goes across her face. Her happiness comes through not only for her smile but her eyes. Excellent!

    1. Thanks Scott. I had your assignment in mind when I shot this – as one of three.

      It is shot in the late afternoon light shining through the window in a light room. The light on the wall behind her was perfect – as the shadow from the lamp in the corner. Her eyes shines so much that the red duvet cover doesn’t capture all your attention.

  2. Carsten, this is a lovely portrait, two in one. I like how her eyes shine and I’m not sure what that white thing is at the right hand corner but it adds such nice touch to the portrait.

  3. This is a great portrait and good composition – and yes: There is so much happiness and love in her smile and her eyes, I guess your expression was similar here, Carsten!!

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