13 tanker om “Hyben | Rosehips”

  1. This is a beautiful captured, made me think of one of my friends that uses the rosehips as a beauty product, one being her handmade soap.

    1. Interesting. It is new to me that it can be used for soap. Have you tried eating the yellow/red skin before it ripens completely? It tastes good. However, it takes time to prepare large quantity.

    1. Thank you Marie. And welcome to my blog.
      I have just payed your blog a short visit. I like your images very much. I’ll be back – and see if I can translate a little French 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks Cindy.
      I had to take a look on the picture again, and what could I see: Small buds, ready for unfolding their leaves in early spring.
      We just have to sleep 135 times!!!

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