4 tanker om “December 16”

    1. Nisser!!
      These pictures are from Saturday 11th. When I approached the church where the Messiah concert were to take place, all the snow melted and spring almost broke through for a short time. It must have been Nisser. Or maybe the united energy of three bloggers that were to meet shortly after.
      An other thing is, that ‘they’ use lots of salt on the roads in Denmark – especially in the cities – so the freezing point of the water here can be far below 0 deg. C.

  1. I feel for those that commute by bicycles. The colorful building looks interesting, made me think of a brownstone in New York City.

    1. There are LOTS of bicycles in Copenhagen. In the summertime it can be hard to manage in the traffic, because many of the bicycling people have little or no understanding that traffic rules include themselves.

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