December 17

The image in todays post is from the archive.
This is My Grandma and her puppy. She was born and grew up in this area. Holts Point, Winnipeg, Canada. I can not find it on the Google Maps, but I found it on the sort of maps that comes on paper when I was a boy.
Maybe here is an idea for transportation for those of you having snow and dogs….

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    1. Yes, it must have been a hard life then. I’d like to see this place if it exists – probably not. It is hard to see, but she has the puppy on her lap.

  1. It’s beautiful, thanks for sharing Carsten. I love the log cabin, the dog must be resting in-between the pull.

  2. That is not your ordinary log cabin. That is a log palace. I dream of a log cabin like that. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are reluctant to be harnessed up. Perhaps I have not approached the matter in the right spirit.

    1. As long as you do not pull your dogs on a sledge yourself.
      Yes, it is a little palace. Must have been wonderful in the summertime.

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