Dagens suppe | Soup of the day

Cold outside.
My temperature is balanced: A cold in my chest, and warm on my forehead.
This is the cure: Hot soup!

4 tanker om “Dagens suppe | Soup of the day”

  1. A vegetable soup that looks delicious and that will make you feel better soon ! So I hope 🙂 What a great photo too !

  2. The soup is my variation of “Pot-au-feu” cooked on ox-tail for a l o o o o n g time.
    Fry lots of vegetables for a short time with some tomato concentrate. Add the the stock and cook until the vegetables are tender and finally add some of the meat without bones and fat. Chili and salt to taste.
    Thanks Isa.

  3. This explains why you disappeared for awhile. If you’re feeling up to making soup you’re definitely getting better! It looks like very good soup.

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