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  1. It looks cold indeed. And so many people on bicycles! Astonishing. The young woman walking toward us is very pensive. I hope she’s thinking only about what to make for supper, but it looks like a much bigger thought than that.

    1. As you have seen on several posts here, and on at least one of the Danish fellow bloggers, bicycles are used for much of the local transport in Copenhagen.
      Parking places are rare – and expensive. And Copenhagen is a small city with many one-way streets in the center. Bicyclers do not bother with the traffic rules. Perhaps the police car here makes some of them bother a tiny little bit.
      For a short moment.
      Wondering what happens in a picture is realy what it is all about.

  2. I think the bicycle is not the best choice of transportation in this cold weather, I don’t think they come with heated seat, not that my car has one but it does have heat. 🙂

    Your part of town looks like another world to me.

    1. I think bicycles are ok for transportation in cold weather. as long as you have good quality gloves on. Most of the body is heated by the exercise, but your fingers get really cold. It is difficult to ride when there is a thick layer of snow.
      All this about bicycles – I prefer my car with heat AND heated seats 🙂

      I’m glad it looks like another world to you. It was the idea when I posted it. To me it is “Just another photo from Copenhagen”. My hope was that some of you would percieve the city with biking people as non-familiar.

      1. The city of bicycle is common in college town here in America but the atmosphere is totally different from where you are. And if we look at China, it’s definitely the city with biking people and again different atmosphere from Copenhagen. It’s interesting that there is only 1 car in the picture.

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