10 tanker om “Frida…”

  1. Frida looks very interested in her Grandpa Carsten. Her dad looks very happy and a little tired, as is proper for young parents. 🙂

    1. She is very interested in people looking at her. She communicates by catching your eyes, sending a smile and looking at the response – a smile.
      My son, I have never seen him happier.

    1. Thanks Ginger. Yes she is getting bigger. It is amazing how fast it goes. 5 months! It is difficult to stop looking into those eyes.

  2. Most people take photos of people in poses and such. This candid shows a lot more of both your son’s and granddaughter’s personality then any snapshot or formal sitting. Good one!

    1. Thanks Scott.
      Isn’t it a pity that we lose the ability to act (or be) natural in front of a camera when we grow up? Fortunately the small children doesn’t care.

  3. Curious little Frida and so adorable ! A charming and natural portrait, moments of happiness for the whole family. Thank you for sharing them with us, Carsten.

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