Inchies Integrated

If you wonder about the title, you might have a look at the previous post.

Scott wrote a little about why we needed a camera with multi mega pixels. …

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  1. Rascal. It took me awhile, but I found them all. You and the Color Kittens, playing with the paint pots.

    That was fun. What shall we do for inspiration next week?

    1. The fun was all on my side Gerry. The hard part was to wait until someone saw the first part before I could post the original image.
      If I have spare time I’ll have Karmas assignment in mind. That will give you a couple of weeks to assemble the next inspirations.

  2. Aaah ! Here they are all ! I was wondering how they could all be together : the painted plates, the pavement, the glittering fabric, the Greta Garbo looking lady 😉 that was really great, Carsten. What size are your inches ? Mine look tiny in comparison. I wonder what Gerry has in mind for next week 😉

    1. I’m glad you had fun finding the inchies in the image. They were cropped from the original image and sized 300×300 pixels – I use a resolution of 300 dpi for my prints. On the screen they are 150×150 pixels.

      1. Thanks for the information, Carsten, my inchies were 85×85 pixels on the screen… what a job ! and I hardly dare to tell you how I came to this result 🙁 I was so sure they were real inchies (2cm5).

  3. Ey, doggie! I might have to try my hand at this someday. While I do enjoy having twice as many megapixels today, one only needs so much! Unless one is looking to break it down by the square inch. 😉

    1. You don’t need to Scott. I have tried it for us. It took more time than expected. But it was kind of fun waiting for response from my fellow bloggers.
      My Canon 7D has 18 Mpx, but they are not effective without much more light than this evening street shot offered.

  4. I see it now, you didn’t have to go very far taking those pictures or shall I say 1 picture. 🙂

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