The moon was “Close-up” the other day.
Someway it inspired me to come up with this contribution to Scotts 12th assignment.

Nop! Not close enough.

What about this:

Much better, but still….

Yes. Now we’re close. I know we are, but it is hard to see without scale. Let me try this instead:

If you click on the image you’ll get a slightly larger version.
Some tech data: ISO-100 f/32 100mm 30sec

Lets look for more details:

ISO-200, f/16, 6 sec 

This is what I can resolve with My Canon 7D and 100mm MACRO 2.8L IS USM

There is also a little assignment to you my dear visitor. The task is to find out what ties these images together.

This is the connecting image. Pollen! I do not guarantee that it is from birch.
The assignment was close-up and this is a close look.
I had to get help to present this image of a single pollen.
The origin of the image is a scanning in an electron microscope. In this case a so called ESEM.

The volume of this pollen is 2 x 10^32 times smaller than the moon!

8 tanker om “Close-up”

    1. Bravo Scott!
      No, you are not only close. You had a direct hit – see the image above. I wanted to show this beautiful little globe.
      I’m glad it worked – and I’m impressed.

  1. Boy oh boy – I was wandering all around the pea-patch trying to figure out if the balls were representations of various planets, with the pollen being the tiniest ones . . . but it didn’t seem to add up. I’m probably just slow because of anticipatory allergies . . . 🙂

    One thing I have to say in favor of a nice cold winter is that it cuts down on allergies!

    1. So you are one of us allergitians!
      Have you noticed how small the pollen is? – Around half the thickness of a human hair.
      If the winter ends too soon you can hope for a rainy spring – and summer.
      I had my best summer time as boy when it was raining.

  2. Several times I visited your blog trying to figure out the link between all photos. “Curves” was the best I could guess but that would have been to easy, right 😉 ? Pollen ! What a fabulous and incredible picture ! It looks a bit like a tennis ball that would have been looked at very closely (and dealt with) by a beagle… A really wonderful close-up, Carsten, bravissimo !

  3. Thank you very much Isabelle.
    Yes the pattern makes it look like a tennis ball, doesn’t it.
    I wonder if it is sort of a container, and the pollen is actually the small round balls in the mesh on the surface?

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