17 tanker om “Scale in photography”

    1. I ask for forgiveness, but when I saw this picture was much better than my own, I had to ask for permission to use it instead.

  1. Simply perfect in its small details. No words can express my feelings as I look at grand-mother Käthe´s picture. Thanks for sharing Carsten.

    1. And I thank You for visiting and commenting Isa.
      Although thousands of children are born every day, it feels like a little miracle every time you get close enough.

  2. Isn’t it astonishing how the tiny fingers seem almost translucent? Isn’t it amazing that we exist at all? Miracles all around us. Blessings on you all.

  3. Carsten, it’s a great picture telling a great story about how the little things in life can be so great ….. And congratulations with the new family member!

    1. Thank you Truels. I would like to have more small family members. But I’m not that lucky this time. She belong to good friends.

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