6 tanker om “Next step”

  1. I was expecting tiny bare Frida toes. I’ve adjusted.

    I like the sidewalk texture and pattern – it reminds me of some of the fabrics used in the business suits I used to wear, and sets off the glossy shoes really well. (I used to wear those, too. I’m really glad I don’t do that anymore. My “next step” was a pretty big one.)

    1. It will take some time for her legs to morph into that shape and size.
      I can’t picture you in buisness suite and on high heels. It is of course due to my weak imagination.
      I suppose you must have had a life prior to the era of blogging. Is it a secret what you spent your time on then? – Before the great step..

  2. Lovely and mysterious 🙂 I tend to look up when I walk in the streets, I am happy you thought of looking down. Very nice shot.

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