20 tanker om “Efterår igen | Autumn again”

  1. Du kan altsÃ¥ bare noget med træer. Gammel tree-hugger-hippie 🙂

    1. Træerne stÃ¥r der jo bare og beder om at blive foreviget. – Selvom de jo nok stadig stÃ¥r der nÃ¥r mine billeder for længst er væk…..

  2. It is beautiful, love the detail in the background and it looks like a road to summer-land. 🙂

    1. That is a good thought: The road to summer-land. I’m afraid the blue road is very long and crosses winter-land first.

    1. Thanks Scott. Welcome back to my forest.
      Years ago I presented ‘flat’ photos on my old site, and one of my visitors told me: “It is the LIGHT that matters in the image”.
      I took her advice and added a little light to the shadows.

  3. I simply love your forest between light and shadows. The perfect light to suggest a beautiful Autumn. Great image, Carsten.

    1. Thanks Isabelle.
      It is almost 4 weeks since the photo was taken. In the meantime the trees lost most of their leaves which now lies like a thick brown carpet. Time to go there again with the camera. —But the hours with enough light are few.

  4. That is a compelling invitation to walk in the forest. I learned something, too–it looks different depending on the angle of observation. I may have to position my monitor in a new way. I think I may have been missing things. That will never do.

  5. I like the forest photo very much. In fact, I spent so much time looking at it the last time I dropped by that I never managed to post a comment telling you so. I doubt I will ever learn to capture light and shadows that way.

    1. You must have thought deeply on commenting! Just look at the result above.
      Well, maybe there is an issue on delayed comments. Sometimes I do not see them until long after they have been posted.
      Maybe they are delivered through the Italian post services.
      If you’d take my advice: Leave the monitor on your desk and move your head instead. If the monitor drops you can’t see the shadows and light.

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