Best Photos of 2011

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas’Assignment 16: Best Photos of 2011
Please note that these photos are NOT the best from 2011. But they are mine. They are picked from the more than 10,000 photos shot since November 2010. You might have seen some of them before.
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Food! Who haven’t shot pictures of well arranged food. This plate is a typical Danish ‘julefrokost’ starter. (Christmas lunch)

The forest as it looked last winter:

An afternoon in front of Copenhagen University

Local transport

From “Christiania” – an autonomous part of Copenhagen

Shoes with legs

The shoes were walking near the Copenhagen Harbor

And finally a single photo of the new love of my life: Frida

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  1. I remember many of these, especially the forest in winter, which is a particular favorite of mine. But I am astonished that you did not just go ahead and post half a dozen photos of Frida. I would have . . .

  2. Your tree shot is absolutely lovely Carsten.
    And I can’t believe how Frida has grown since my last peek over here!! Beautiful! I really must stop in more often. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it KD.
      And regarding Frida: She is growing fast. The thick arms and legs are changing shape due to her running exercises.
      …Maybe it is time for an updated photo!

    1. How many shall I count out before we reach the last?
      Only the first with the herring on rye bread ?
      Thanks Nye. 🙂

  3. Carsten – this is a fine series of photos from you – so different photos which show the breadth of your photo work. My favorites are the portrait of Frida – and the abstract “Shoes with legs”…

    1. Tak Truels.
      I’m still trying different techniques to see where they leads.
      For the time being the B&W appeals to me. Where did all the colors go?

  4. Very nice collection.
    I like the picture of the mist in the forest and the staircase.

  5. What a great collection, Carsten ! I remember most of them, starting with your tasty Christmas starter. I had not seen your bright local transport – wonderful shot. ” Christiania” looks like a fabulous and creative place, what a picture ! I knew I would find little Frida here 🙂 enchanting smile, funny duo of teeth, the caring hand that is holding her gently. Love. Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments.

    1. Thank you very much Isabelle.
      There are new pictures because I find it wrong to present all the same again.
      The train picture is one of the results from my work with a post processing technique I’m working on.
      Christiania is a remarkable place which attracts many tourists. I were there for a visit in a very good restaurant “Spiseloppen”
      And Frida! Sigh, I won’t see her until tomorrow!

  6. Wow, Carsten. You made some great choices. The “local transport” with the red bursting through all the white is awesome! The Frida picture is completely adorable.

    1. Thanks Karma. I’m glad you like the transport photo. I’m still learning as you can see in my answer to Isabelle. And Frida: Pure love!

  7. Loved the forest and the legs with shoes….maybe I”m a black and white girl..but then I got to Frida…and fell totally in love with her…she’s adorable…

  8. I’m fascinated by the graffiti shot. How the heck did they reach to “paint” the undersides of those stairs. The lighting is magical.

    My other favourite, is the shot of the winter trees in the fog.

    Found you via Scott’s photo blog challenge.

    Best wishes,

    Sybil in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

    1. Thanks for visiting Sybil.
      Scotts frequent assignments has side effects. One is bloggers visiting new sites, and that is positive.
      I visited your blog, and I can see that you have eyes for reflected light.
      p.s. My mother was born in Winnipeg – only about 2000 miles from Nova Scotia. 🙂

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