The wood through the year

Once upon a time Scott Thomas wrote out an assignment “Four Seasons 2011”
The subject for this contribution is my gate to the wood. On this litte bench my wife and sat waiting for the real-estate broker. I immediately fell in love with this place. This view is now gone. The tree to the right fell because the bark was hurt by some machine. The little bench was pulled out of the ground and disappeared after a short time.
For quite some time I frequently took pictures here when I took a walk in the forest.
I do miss this view.
The order of the pictures is random.

2011 12 24

Preparations for Christmas Eve is almost finished.
The first guests will be here at 4 PM. Frida is sleeping in the garden. I’m posting here to wish you all
A Merry Christmas!
Thanks for all your visits and comments through the year.

2011 12 13

All Danish children knows about the fact, that Santa Claus (Julemanden) lives in Greenland. The main public Danish television channel DR1 is transmitting a series in 24 chapters these days about a team ( the nisse gang ) searching for Julemanden in Greenland. Maybe you can spot him here. My eyes are not that good.
A little search with Google Earth indicates that this glacier is located 63°49″N, 41°40″W.

2011 12 12

Yesterday we were invited for Glögg and ‘æbleskiver’. For safety reasons we took the bus and left the car at home. We were surprised when entering the bus for our home drive. Just look at the decorations. We’ve never seen anything like it. Merry Christmas and thanks to the driver on route ‘500S’.

2011 12 07

Christmas is time for treets. My wife gave me candy today. 🙂
In the candy is a small picture. It is the city arms of Copenhagen.

The tower in the middle is a symbol for Absalons castle. He was the founder of the city. The two small towers are the towers from the city wall. The waves symbolises Øresund – the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.