2011 12 01

According to the calendar winter has begun. Someone forgot telling nature here. Please don’t!
The children have their calendars with 24 windows, each with a little picture of things related to Christmas.
We got this for counting the very few days until the Grande Finale from our daughter and daughter-in-law.
-The numbers are almost invisible, but the chocolate is: Delicious!

5 tanker om “2011 12 01”

  1. It is a very good thing to have relatives who understand the importance of excellent chocolate. The nearly invisible numbers are a good thing, too, as it allows for the possibility of opening a tiny door before its time, and accidentally eating the delicious chocolate before realizing one’s error.

    1. Whoever designed the box must have been pragmatic and mainly focused on the chocolate and the fine decorative trees. On one side the numbers hard to see, on the other they start in the upper left and continues as you’d read them.
      Today’s were delicious.

  2. A touch of class for this Advent calendar. Those chocolates look delicious, even in the picture. A nice tradition our sons loved. No problem to get up in time every December 😉

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