2011 12 02

I suppose you have heard of “kravlenisser”. Nisser that are everywhere. I caught a couple in the cellar trying to hide when I unexpectedly entered the room.
The painting was bought on the scouts’ flea market for almost nothing. The houses are from Gudhjem, Bornholm. Denmarks easternmost island. (except from some small rocks off its coast).

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  1. I’ve just realized that I must have one of those troublesome nissers, as he keeps moving my car keys. I read giving them of rice pudding will make them happy, but I’ve never made rice pudding.

    1. If you finally find it necessary making rice pudding, you might want to taste it yourself. Basically it is milk and rice -similar to the kind used for risotto.
      Heat milk and rice until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Do NOT let it boil! But keep temperature more than slightly below. Burnt milk tastes awful.
      Serve with topping of sugar mixed with ground cinnamon. And a little bit of cold butter.

  2. Oh how FUN! I have never heard of Nisser. Thank you so much for sharing about them. My eyes are looking everywhere around the house now. Can’t wait to shoot–I mean photograph–a couple.

    1. I have always thought of these by Bramming as the REAL kravlenisser. They are among my first memories of Christmas.

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