6 tanker om “The long Nisse”

  1. I covet those slippers.

    I’d put that particular Nisse on the railing in the loft. Imagine what he’d look like from below!

    1. I might know what you’re thinking Gerry. -But I’m not quite sure. Well, I’m rarely exactly sure what you mean to be honest. 🙂
      But he would surely look loooooong in that perspective.
      Happy New Year Gerry.

      1. Half the time I don’t know what I’m thinking either, Carsten. It’s an occupational hazard for writers. But this is the other half of the time, and I meant only that the perspective would make that Nisse look really tall – and my loft ceiling really high! I may have to make a figure for the railing just to test the theory. Maybe a cat in a hat. (OK, now I’m not sure what I’m thinking–but it will be interesting to find out.)

        1. Thinking can be harmful to creative processes. You should enjoy that you only spend half time on such a disturbing activity.
          You could try the cat in a hat while you’re rebuilding and have the ladder in reach. Please post a picture if you can still find the camera.

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