The wood through the year

Once upon a time Scott Thomas wrote out an assignment “Four Seasons 2011”
The subject for this contribution is my gate to the wood. On this litte bench my wife and sat waiting for the real-estate broker. I immediately fell in love with this place. This view is now gone. The tree to the right fell because the bark was hurt by some machine. The little bench was pulled out of the ground and disappeared after a short time.
For quite some time I frequently took pictures here when I took a walk in the forest.
I do miss this view.
The order of the pictures is random.

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  1. How did I know the forest would be the subject?

    I see that you, too, find more than four seasons in a beloved place. And I see that you have figured out how to make slideshows. I’m glad.

    1. Wait, wait . . . I forget everything. You already made a bouncy slideshow a long time ago. I’m glad you made this one too.

      1. See that! Your internet connection speed compeeds with your memory.
        I had lots of hard work fun making the pictures fit each other for the slideshow. So it is a joy that someone can download and see it in a reasonable amount of time. New times are here already. I’m so glad for you.

  2. Wonderful photos, Carsten!!! And a wonderful place. I love this contribution!
    Is it right outside your house and garden? And why is the view gone now? (is it only the tree and bench, that’s gone?)

    1. Thanks Truels. Yes it’s ~30 m from my garden. I’ll take a picture so you can see the difference. And save a 1000 words….

    1. Yes, and it still is. But there have been a lot of felling? so the forest is left quite open. I know it will heal within the next 40-50 years -but then I’ll probably have fallen myself 🙂

  3. I hope the woods are still there Carsten, with only the one tree and bench gone. What a lovely view from your home. You are so very lucky. I can see why you moved there.
    The slide show is fabulous !

    Sybil in Nova Scotia

    1. Thanks Sybil. As I wrote to Michaela, it’s not a single tree that’s missing. I bought 14 tons of logs. (31 000 lb) And a lot of work cutting and chopping.

    1. Thanks Karen. It is a wonderful place. For the last few days it was too dangerous going there. We had a storm, and I’ve seen large trees fallen when there were less wind. Maybe it will be good for a short jogging tomorrow so I can see the damages.

  4. Carsten, the slide truly shows us what the wood looks like in a year’s time, it looks like a peaceful place.

    1. It surely is a peaceful place. Most of the time. I’m longing for the bright n light green color in the end of april. Not to mention the impression of clean air after a short shower with the trees still dripping diamonds from the leaves.

  5. I had not seen these seasonal pictures, just wonderful ! The Winter view is like a dream, a silvery forest. A great path through the woods in any Season. I love this slideshow.

    1. Thanks Isabelle. In fact, the winter photo was one of the first shots I took here a long time ago with my first digital camera.

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