Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and visitors.
I hope to get many inspiring inputs from your blogs. If my photos or sparse words can be of any inspiration to you I’ll be glad.
2012 is going to be a busy travelling year. We will see many airports.
This is a view from the arrival section in Madrid Airport.

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  1. Happy New Year ! Love the ceiling in that arrival’s lounge. You are inspiring me to occasionally do some tweaking of my own photos.

    1. You are fast Sybil.
      I just posted, and went answering a few comments. And – puf – one more comment. Thanks.
      As I wrote, I’d be happy if my blog can inspire you. What do you use for your photo processing?

  2. I envy you the traveling, but not the airports. I like the image, especially the reflection of the lights, the quiet palette, and the long perspective. (You’ve made the Madrid airport look far more serene than I remember it being. Must be that quiet palette!)

    1. Airports are ok – but waiting time is #%&&!
      In Madrid we had to wait for an extra hour because the aviation company sent some of the luggage to Brussels.
      I’m glad you like the mood in the image.

  3. Happy New Year, Carsten. It sounds exciting with 2012 as a busy travel year – I wonder where the travel / travels go?!
    Nice work with the airport photo 🙂

    1. “To travel is to be” -or to live, as H.C. Andersen (1805-1875) said.
      Planned vacations or tours for this year are: Roma, London and Toscana. (until now) Maybe Praha too.
      I’ll shoot in the different airports 🙂

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family Carsten. I wish you safe travelings this year and looking forward to seeing different airports.

    1. 🙂
      Actually, I’m not looking forward to beeing in the airports. But how can we travel long distances without them.

  5. I like the manipulation in this picture, the airport does not seem so stressful. Your destinations sound great; London, Toscana and Praha (parts of them anyway) are known to me. Please, please don’t send pictures of the airports only ! You are an inspiring photographer, Carsten. I like how you look at details, light, colours and bring out some surprising images. Your portraits are beautiful too. I have to work more on those aspects this coming year. Thank you very much for your visits and comments.

    1. Your comments are always welcome. I shall do my best to come up with something else than airports.
      Praha is a small Capitol, but still has so many beautiful places. I’m looking very much forward to our vacation in Toscana. It will be with our children and grandchildren. In a large house in the countryside. Imagine a plate with Italian cheese and a glass of wine in the shadow under the pines while the children play in the water.

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