14 tanker om “That’s boogie”

  1. You are my photomaster, dear Carsten @
    I remember your engaged passion with your camera
    when we (Tundra) played at Freinet Shool
    Your PHOTOs were full of excellence and originality…
    I can see:
    My right hand (in a glimps of a moment) is just about
    to play G 7 at the keyboard…ss

  2. The origin picture I have seen is in colors
    Now, in black & white – just like the keys…
    Very nice, very nice 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it Isa.
      Now I recall the evening we celebrated my wifes 25 years birthday. He was playing the piano all night and all the other guests were dancing. What a party. 1978 is far back in time now …

    1. I’m glad you like it Scott.
      In case you’re interested in the technical side of it..:
      I took several shots and aligned them using the piano keys as guide. Then I mixed the layers adjusting the tranparency of the ‘secondary’ fingers.

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