Current price on gasoil in Denmark is: (take care, here it comes)
DKK 12.13 / liter or 8.84 USD pr gallon
My car runs 9 km pr liter, or 21.2 miles on a gallon
I wonder what the price will be in a year from now. DKK 15 ???
Just to let you know.

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  1. That is high. The price in my area is about $3.59 US dollars per gallon and I thought it was high.

    1. It’s become expensive lately. I think the cost was around $1 pr gallon in ’97 in Florida. However it’s a long time ago so my memory might have adjusted the price.

  2. That would be enough to keep me on foot for sure. The cost of keeping a car is already threatening to put me there.

    1. There is just a little point: The distance to my job is 18.5 km – 11.5 miles. Too much for walking. Public transport is 1 hr PLUS 15 minutes by foot. Twice a day.
      A little investigation on Google Earth gives me an idea that you wouldn’t be happy to being without wheels.

    1. I had an old Mondeo with relatively good economy but only a few years remaining lifetime. My vision was buying a small new car with high gas economy. Then I tried an even older Mercedes Benz – fell in love and bought it. The best car I’ve had! And in any way the most expensive. Silly old man….

  3. The price continues to rise. I am already changing my plans for vacation this summer because of the estimated prices being thrown out by the press this week. Maybe this will open up doors and minds to alternative, non-fossil energy technologies.

    1. Let us hope that Scott. Personally I’m afraid people are reluctant to changes, and new developments will come too late.

  4. Carsten, people will only change when the alternative is unaffordable. Gas here in Nova Scotia, is $1.32 / litre ! My Honda Fit gets 4.6 km per litre (I think). I gather prices in Ontario are almost 15 cents LESS !

    Culturally we are wedded to our vehicles here in Canada. Many personal trucks on the road. I think it’s a macho thing to own a truck … 😉

    1. That’s cheap!
      You are so right Sybil. And even if driving your own car is more expensive, people are unwilling to use public transport because it is easier to drive yourself.
      Politicians are having lots of trouble trying to lower private transport (and pollution) in Copenhagen.
      Do you use the metric system for measures in Canada?

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