12 tanker om “Pink ceiling II”

    1. You are #1 in fast responses Tracy 🙂
      It’s only for a few days. Soon the small road will be covered with a thick slippery layer of pink petals.

  1. That’s Mama Nature – give us something extravagantly beautiful for just a short time, so that we never become jaded at these visions. My compliments to the landscape designer – and to the photographer.

    1. I’ll thank you – for my humble part.
      You´re right. Enjoy when Mother Nature presents her gifts. Soon they are gone.

  2. Incredibly flower-sky (or -ceiling!) – fabulous photo!
    My own has got too much frost this year – it never came into flower 🙁

    1. I have been here several years to try capturing this. But either I came too late or the flowers was ruined by frost or rain. This year it was gorgeous.

  3. A glorious pink ceiling, as short as it may last, this vision is so precious !
    I wonder has Spring touched magically the little boy’s cycle helmet ? 😉 Reflections ?

    1. It is really impressing standing under these trees. I wish for sunshine next time. It must give a faboulous light.

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