Birthe Elise Nielsen 1931 – 2012

It’s hard to find words for the moment. Particularly when it comes to the very last goodbye.
Maybe a picture is enough right now.
My Mother-in-law’s favourite flower was the Lily of the Valley. But they do not bloom until May, so I borrowed a picture.
Dear Svigermor: Rest with the same peace as you left this life with.

Image used with permission of Peter Dupont, Grønt Havedesign.

I nearly forgot:
Thanks for your wonderful daughter. I’ll take care of her.

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    1. Thanks Sybil.
      We’ve had a lot of hugging here.
      My wife was clearly touched in the church yesterday. The little Frida saw it and climbed up to ‘farmor’ and gave a giant hug.

  1. Oh, Carsten. Too many losses for you of late. My sincerest condolences. This post is a touching tribute. I particulary loved the part where you thanked her for her daughter. Very sweet. ♥ ♥

    1. Thanks Gerry.
      We’ve had time to talk. All that needed being said was said. But now there are no one left to answer questions about the older generations.

  2. Dear Carsten and family, please accept my deepest sympathy for your great loss. The longer we keep our parents, the harder it is to see them leave. Aren’t we lucky though to have them stay with us for so long ? Little by little we are becoming the “older generation” to whom our sweet grandchildren will come and ask. Life as a circle. Gratitude for all we received.
    Thinking of you.

  3. Dear friends.
    Thanks for your participating thoughts and words.
    It will take us some time to become familiar with the idea that we are now the oldest generation.
    These days we are going through all her belongings and judging what to keep and what to throw away. It is difficult, but we haven’t room for a lifetimes furniture, clothes and trifles.

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