Blå time | Blue hour

Scott Thomas has challenged us with a new assignment on “blue hour photography“.
You can read about the blue hour effect on Scotts site.
This photo is from an area called “Fisketorvet” (Market square for fish trading) in Copenhagen harbor. The building is called “The Aller Building” and it houses The Aller Company, one of the largest publishers in Denmark.

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  1. My, aren’t you the over acheiver, Carsten! 😉 Already getting in an entry to Scott’s latest challenge when I sit here not even knowing where to begin!

    Well done! That is one IMPRESSIVE building!

    1. Oh thank you Tracy.
      You’ll have to wait until after sunset – or get out of bed really early in the morning. The strange thing about the blue hour is that you do not really see it before you look at the image. Good luck 🙂

    1. 🙂
      It is a strange phenomenon. The first time I took a picture on that time of the day, I didn’t understand why it was so blue. As if the white balance had been totally wrong. Thanks to Scott I know better now.

  2. Since Scott wrote about this phenomenon, Blue Hour, I have frequently noticed it in the evening. But rarely brought my camera …. And lately I’ve been preoccupied with among other things my son’s confirmation – and do not know if I will participate this time.
    But your photo here is a very fine demonstration – both of the blue hour and the building and its reflections in the water.

    1. Shooting in the Blue Hour demands placing the camera on a steady surface, since the exposure time is several seconds. I used a tripod for this.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, Carsten ! I noticed the same thing as you said : not seeing the blue until I downloaded my pictures. This is really a fascinating phenomenon. Bravo for your choice of picture.

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