…Or B&W.
Scott has set up his 24th assignment.
Most of us are using digital cameras today – I think, and therefore nearly all photos are shot in color.
But try and have a look with your ‘luminance’ eyes, and see if the colors really makes the photo better.
The images I print are roughly 50-50 color or B&W.
These pictures were made in B&W because the colors didn’t add to the experience.
First a picture from a place that’s very ‘hot’ these days. The columns around sct.Peters Church in the Vactican State.

Playing in the streets for a coin or two. I gave a few for the posing.


Two friends having a good time together in Rome.


One of my favourites, which some of you might have seen before. This is Black and White.


13 tanker om “Monochrome”

  1. These are incredibly beautiful — and I love that little boy marching beside the sailors!

    I’m glad Scott’s assignment took me to your blog, so I could see these.

  2. You show us some very fine black&white photos – very different and illustrating the many possibilities in shooting without colors. Well done, Carsten. I hope you and your family is OK?

    1. Mange tak Truels.
      Jow da, vi har det fint; men har haft travlt med forskelligt.
      Også gode ønsker for dig og dine.

  3. So nice to see you back, Carsten ! Rome in B&W is just beautiful ! The first picture is excellent but so are the next ones too. I remember the sailors and the little boy… Great instant shots where B/W is perfect.
    All the best to you and yours and wishing you a Happy Easter.

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