I love a good cup of coffee.
My favorite is “Blue mountain”, served as espresso. In Tasse d’Oro” near Pantheon in Rome they know how to make it. A taste that’s impossible to describe. You’ll HAVE to try it if your way falls in the neighborhood.
Making it yourself on one of these doesn’t even come close. But they are colorful, aren’t they?

Espresso brewers. Pick your favorite color.
Espresso brewers. Pick your favorite color.


2 tanker om “Espresso?”

  1. Some day I may enjoy a cup of “Blue Mountain” expresso in Tasse d’Oro in Roma… but in the meantime I will continue to drink Columbian coffee from such an expresso brewer. Aren’t they gorgeous ? Lovely picture.

  2. I’m glad you like it Isabelle.
    When you come to Denmark we could have a cup of coffee. Maybe even Blue Mountain. I saw that it’s available here too.

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