3 tanker om “Call me”

  1. That’s a fascinating composition. Everything about it makes me think of the 1940s–everything but the phone . . .

    1. As I remember, there were no colors in the ’40s. And the phones were black, heavy and tethered.
      My parents acquired our first phone in the late ’50s. It was expensive compared to today. In our area the switchboard was fully automatic in contrast to the surrounding zones, where women operators did the switching – and possible listening.
      Oh, the picture! Thanks Gerry. I like women in red. Or on.

  2. Love her head scarf, a sort of vintage look, assorted to her lipstick. She seems worried or doubtful, I hope he will call her 😉 What a great instant shot !
    I had noticed you like red.
    Just a funny note about “red”. The Danish flag was put up in front of Kiev’s Parliament yesterday when our Swiss Foreign Minister came for an official visit… Nobody noticed but the Swiss 😉

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