Eclipse 2017

Imagine the light from the sun slowly dissapearing. The temperature changing from day to night. All structures visible with an impressionists sharpness.
That is what happens when you experience when 80% or more of the sun is hidden behind the moon.
When the sun is completely hidden you’ll be struck by the most incredible experience….

Cool Corona

Blue poppys

I’ve never seen blue poppys before. Have you?

A little googling gave this from Wikipedia:
Meconopsis betonicifolia, also known as Meconopsis baileyi and the Himalayan blue poppy, was first discovered in 1912, by Lt. Col. Frederick Marshman Bailey.
M. betonicifolia is hardy in most of the United Kingdom and it has striking large blue flowers but it probably owes much of its success to the fact that, unlike most Meconopsis, it is perennial.