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  1. hej Carsten
    Oohh, how scary this picture is! This must be a trick-photo – or what?
    Where is it?
    Crammings from Michael

  2. Now that I’ve been looking at this picture, it’s not so scary anyway…
    I assume, that you have shot it on your stativ – and tourists have entered and walked away again… I guess it must be in Italy?
    Am I quite wrong?
    I love this photo, Carsten

  3. Thanks for asking Michael.
    The photo was taken in a chapel on St. Michele, the cemetery for Venice.
    I just placed my camera on something and opened the shutter.
    I dont remember any tourists.

  4. Carsten, that is an extraordinary image. Unsettling. For some reason my first thought was that the figures were after-images of jazz musicians lingering in a smoky club.

  5. I really like this photo. It’s as if each individual left something of themselves before going on. Isn’t that what we all hope to do in some way?
    You have used a technique that I must try. Thank you.

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