2 tanker om “Walking in the park II”

  1. Good work, Carsten. You have aroused my curiosity. What program did you use to create such an artistic statement? I am intrigued.

  2. Hi Karen. I’m glad youre interested in my photos.
    This is basically created the same way as ‘Atrium Sinistrum’ .
    I use Photoshop cs3 extended. I shot several images of the same motive – handheld 200mm. They are not exactly the same, so I take two of them and align them.
    I use stack mode – standard deviation. But with only two images you could just take the difference and then adjust levels and saturation.

    The big difference between these two images is that “Walking in the park II” is made with two almost identical shots where ‘Atrium Sinistrum’ used shots with slightly different view.

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