10 tanker om “Tillykke | November II”

  1. Yes, wasn’t she.
    Thanks Scott, You too. I’ll forward your ‘wish?’ later, when we visit my daughter. I think she will serve ‘boller og kakao’. That is wheat rolls with butter and hot chocolate with whipped cream.
    Having two of the kind, you know how it feels looking at these old images. -How did so many years pass so fast…

  2. Oh, what a happy pretty little baby girl :)) And those two brand new teeth ! Joyeux Anniversaire Line, and félicitations to your parents.

  3. Oh my, I just burst out laughing to see such joy and mischief! My “baby boy” is quite a bit older than your daughter but I still hold images like this in my heart.

  4. Thanks Gerry.
    Our drawers are stuffed with these images. Seeing them instantly recalls warm feelings from the heart.

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