What is there left to say?

What is there left to say
When the last notes have died away
When the last lead’s been disconnected
And the last fee’s collected
When the last dressing room’s deserted
And the last hurt’s no longer hurting
And the last stage has been struck
And the last gear’s in the truck
And the last notes have died away
What is there left to say?

-Pete Brown

Beautiful poem by Jack Bruce’s long time Friend and lyricist Pete Brown, who read this at the funeral. 2014-11-05

RIP Jack



..is the title on Scott Thomas’ 26 assignment. Feel free to participate.

r-baadfartenSummer in Denmark can be very nice. But you’ll have to arrange for good weather.
When the temperature rises above 25C and the sun is shining all day, a tour on the lakes North-West of Copenhagen is very nice. Why not try one of the old boats. The oldest have been in service since 1895.

A ’round-trip’ takes about 1 hour. Its very relaxing. You can arrange your picnic and have a stop or two.

Click on the map to see a larger version.

Or click this link to download the time-table.

The boat is arriving:

For example you could arrange celebration of a birthday with the family:

And if you feel for it, take a trip another day:
IMG_0401 copy

Birthe Elise Nielsen 1931 – 2012

It’s hard to find words for the moment. Particularly when it comes to the very last goodbye.
Maybe a picture is enough right now.
My Mother-in-law’s favourite flower was the Lily of the Valley. But they do not bloom until May, so I borrowed a picture.
Dear Svigermor: Rest with the same peace as you left this life with.

Image used with permission of Peter Dupont, Grønt Havedesign.

I nearly forgot:
Thanks for your wonderful daughter. I’ll take care of her.