15 tanker om “Heste | Horses”

  1. Great shot, the old city in the background makes the picture..:-)
    Welcome to Sunday Stills.,, Ed

  2. Thanks Maggie and Ed.
    There were a line of horse pulled? wagons. The horses were scared and could not stand still because of the loud music.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I imagine this is very different from Texas. I might be wrong – my knowledge of Texas isn’t that good.

  3. Protecting their ears from the loud rock music 😉 ? This is a lovely and unusual picture of Prag. Great shot, Carsten.

  4. Trapper Creek Daughter and Isabelle, I’m glad you commented on ‘my’ horses. I felt sorry for them. They obviously didn’t like the loud music. … I did!

  5. Thanks Scott. You are right about the sky. I use the ‘highlight’ warning on my Nikon but the horses were too nervous so I didn’t get another shot.

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