December XV

Snow today! When it is cold these mobile street-restaurants attracts people. They sell warm sausages and soft bread with mustard and ketchup.
This image is from the beginning of November. Before the general election for the local communities. That is the reason for the posters with politicians.

Sne i dag! SÃ¥ synes jeg at det var pÃ¥ plads med en pølsevogn….



4 tanker om “December XV”

  1. I would love this ! Do they also sell roasted chestnuts (marrons chauds) ? To me the smell of those on a cold Winter day means Christmas is coming closer. Both lovely.

    1. No, unfortunately not Isabelle. I like chestnuts too. My mother served them the roasted chestnuts with salt and cold butter. I’ll have to buy some at first possible chance.

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