Godt gået Danmark | Well done Denmark

Saturday there was a nation-wide collect in Denmark. The aim was originally to  rise funds for supporting women in Africa. But the earthquake in Haiti called for acute action and made the funds divided equally for the two purposes.
The sum collected was 130,662,190 DKK or 24,415,537  U.S. dollars.
There are roughly 5.5 Million people in Denmark.
Now I hope that the money will go to the people in need, and not just dissapear in corruption.

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  1. This is a fantastic response ! Well done Denmark indeed. And like you I hope the funds will reach those who really need them without these ugly detours…

    1. More or less in one day. I think they started the campaign about a week before the ‘Grande Finale’ saturday night with a all evening show on the main public service channel DR1.
      It was that night the major part, more than 100 Million DKK, was donated.

  2. To put this in perspective, Denmark provided enough pocket change to run Haiti for 8 days (prior to the quake). If the money finds its way to the people (big if), it will make a huge difference in their lives.
    If the world can follow your example, find a way to invest in Haiti in a way that allows Haitians to self-determine their future, perhaps a great number of the 8 million people that live in squalid poverty can be lifted into the 21st century.
    I grew up in the Caribbean and we always knew that we had to skirt Haiti. It is a sad, sad place but it has everything it needs to be happy. I hope that good will come from the horrifying misery of the quake.

    1. Interesting perspective Michael. Let’s hope that the major part of the money will hit the target.
      I read that Port-au-Prince is placed on the most dangerous location.
      Perhaps it would be better building a new city in another location.
      I share your hope for a better future for the poor haitians.

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